SGS-ML High precision mitre saw

For up to 15° mitre cuts in aluminium and plastic sections.

The SGS-ML with it extremely high cutting precision is specifically designed for special applications. The fixed pivot point renders any angle correction unnecessary over the entire swivel range.

Product features:

  • Swivel range from 15° left to 15° right
  • Precision hard-chrome plated twin-shaft saw unit guides
  • Sturdy basic design to ensure high precision of long mitre cuts

Standard equipment:

  • Swaft cover.
  • Lateral safety covers.
  • Swivel attachment with lock positions.
  • Rubber-coated vertical pneumatic clamp,
    vertically and laterally adjustable.
  • Safe two-hand-control.
  • Saw blade 500 mm.

Suitable for:

  • PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Wood

High precision cutting of Aluminium, PVC or Wood profiles from 15° to 165°

The SGS-ML precision mitre saw offers a combination of the highest precision and CNC-assisted flexibility, primarily for
special constructions. The fixed pivot point renders any angle correction unnecessary over the entire swivel range.

The electronic controlled version of the Rapid SGS-ML allows automatic stepless positioning for cutting lengths as well as
any angle from 15 ° to 165 °. The network connection enables automatic transfer of the cutting data sets.
The manually operated version can be upgraded with digital displays for the angle and length setting.

Other extras, such as the laser cutting line display or the automatic opening and closing of the protective cover, facilitate
handling and speed up the work processes.

Aluminium Hoekverbindingsmachine - debitare profile ALU - Piły - Såg - Tronzadoras

Drive 2,2 kW three-phase AC motor, 400 Volt, shaft diameter 30 mm.
Saw blade 500mm
Swivel range manual, 15° left to 15° right, edge stops with locking fixture 45°/67.5° left, 90°, 67,5°/45° right.
Saw stroke pneumatic
Sequence control for section clamping and saw stroke.
Clamping vertical pneumatic, horizontal pneumatic clamping device (optional).
Special equipment for Aluminium hydropneumatic saw feed, pneumatic lubrication system.
Extractor connection:
Air pressure
80 mm
Luftdruck 7 bar, 100 psi.
Measurements 800/1200/1400
(L/W/H mm)
Weight 300 kg
Cutting diagram


  • Hydropneumatically saw in feed.
  • Pneumatically Lubrication system.
  • Driveable swarf extraction unit.
  • Horizontal pneumatically clamp.
  • Digital angle display (advisable for intermediate angles).
  • Laser cutting gap display.
  • Manual, digital or  elektronic length stop systems with PC control Windows NT, on the right as standard (on the left optional).
  • Roller table at the infeed-side, on the left as standard.Optional: