Gasket clamping prevents tearing out when sawing

In order to optimally protect soft rubber seals on window profiles from tearing out when sawing, every RAPID double mitre saw can be equipped with a very effective gasket clamping system. The stop seal is pressed directly onto the plastic profile at the saw gap. This creates a clean cut and the gasket no longer needs to be recut or reworked.

There is also an optimal solution for the center seal. The pressure pieces are designed depending on the profile so that the stop seal and center seal can be clamped at the same time.

Perfect length and angle accuracy of our double miter saws, coupled with the highest cutting quality and comfortable operation, offer window makers and metal workers the optimal production solution.

Insights into the assembly of the Optima VI cutting center

The solid machine structure of our cutting and processing centers is designed for high capacity utilization and guarantees a long service life with very high process reliability in window and facade construction. A transport axis of the Optima VI sawing center, for example, weighs up to 1.5 tons and its solid construction enables the necessary stability of the high-precision movement technology.

Our assembly team uses an electric chain hoist to set up heavy support parts for the movable axles. With the load-bearing overhead traveling crane, the assemblies are positioned effortlessly and with millimeter precision.

The transport axes fulfill one of the most important functions of a production system; they bring the profile to all processing stations and ensure predefined positioning accuracy even after the workpieces have been transferred between the sawing and processing modules. Depending on the focus of production, several work steps can be combined in one machine...

Waste belt system for RAPID double miter saws

Good and controlled waste disposal from our double miter saws can optionally be supplemented by a conveyor belt system.

The standard version is equipped with a fabric conveyor belt. If required, four other smooth or rough materials are available to choose from. Using an ascending conveyor, the sections can be transported to a customer waste box, which further optimizes waste disposal.

The length of the conveyor belt corresponds to the respective cutting length of the double miter saw. The ascending conveyor belt is universal for all machine models.

We would be happy to advise you on choosing the right version.