Ultratech - Production line

Flexible system concepts for window manufacturing

With the components sub bench saw Optima Evolution and profile processing centre MFC Evolution we realise the production lines for our comprehensive programm of products in the range of PVC profile processing. Every part has the RAPID quality guarantee, from a solid basic frame, operator friendly controle to complete production lines - we build reliable, powerfull machines.

System features

  • In feed magazine
  • MFC Evolution machining module
  • Buffer station
  • Optima Evolution saw unit
  • Out feed magazine

Suitable for:

  • PVC

Most accurate PVC-U cutting and processing

In order to offer our RAPID quality, we will follow special requests. We co-operate during and after planning and
construction with you.This guarantees a solid, innovative and rational production solution.

PVC/Steel processing

This combination between Optima Evolution and MFC Evolution is built in good RAPID quality and performance. After cutting the frame and sash pieces could be reinforced and loaded to the second part for milling. With the MFC Evolution in that combination, we are able to prepare PVC and steel as well as to screw the profile with the reinforcement.

Snij- en bewerkingscentra - Centre debitare si prelucrare PVC - Centra obróbcze oraz tnące - Skär- och bearbetningscentra - Centros de corte y mecanizado

Profile dimensions Maximum width 125 mm
Maximum height 130 mm
All common door and window-profiles can be processed
Piece length Min. inside dimension: 200 mm
Max. outside dimension, regarding to the safety fences dimension: 3500 mm
Saw balde 500mm
Standard configuration 6 drilling units 0,75
2 milling units 2,2 kW
UK configuration, with V-cut 2 milling units 2,2 kW
2 saw units 45° (ø250mm)

To offer you our established RAPID quality, we are go especially responsive to your requirements and work during and after the planning and production phase closely together with you. Thus, we have a solid, innovative and efficient product solution from one source.

Layout Ultratech-MFCII-Z-Form:

Layout Ultratech Z-Form mit Legende

As inline version the processing module can be mounted in front of the MFC Saw Module Optima Evolution with or without intermediate buffer. The edits performed before cutting the whole bar. The integrated after the steel insertion processing center MFC Evolution is relieved by this optimization and capacity can rise at the entire production line "Ultratech" depending on the version by about 30 to 70%.


Layout Ultratech-Inline-MFCII-Z-Form:Layout Ultratech-Inline-MFC-II