KS 75 - V-Cut Saw

Precision V-cuts in plastic profiles for transforms and mullions.

The sturdy sesign of the V-cut saw KS 75 ensures very high cutting quality. The saw unit moves on precision-ground, twin-shaft quides firmly connected to the machine stand at both ends. The centrally arranged feed cylinder ensures smooth and jolt-free movement, thus providing the prerequisite for cutting aluminium with the corresponding attachments.

The KS 75 can also be effectively used as a crosscut saw for 45° cuts in section heights up to 75 mm [2.9 inch]. Off-cuts and initial cuts can therefore be carried out in one single operation.

Product features:

  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Excellent cutting quality.
  • Variable to suit any section height.
  • No damage to end surfaces.
  • Particularly sturdy design.

Suitable for:

  • PVC
  • Aluminium (optional)


Drive 2 x 1,3 kW three-phase AC motors
Saw feed pneumatic, continuously variable
Air pressure 85 psi
Saw blade 2 x 300 mm Ø, Z=96
Length setting with standard length stop 250 - 1600 mm
Cutting range Max. depth 150mm, height 75 mm
Dimensions 650/1250 (1800 with oil brake)/1350mm
Weight 200kg