DGL 200 E Double Mitre Saw


Precision, no-burr cutting of Profiles

Precision, no-burr cutting of wood, aluminium or plastic sections - useable for the requirement of many standard cuts.

System features:

  • Automatic length adjustment
  • Manual or electro-pneumatic angle adjustment 45 ° -90 °
  • Saw blade Ø 500 mm
  • Extremely solid machine bed
  • Full wrap around the guide bushings for the guide shafts of the saw head
  • Hardened guide shafts
  • Mounted swivel axis on both sides

Suitable for:

Window-, doors-, facades-,winter garden-, insect-profile
  • PVC, combination PVC-Aluminium
  • Aluminium
  • Wood, combination Wood-Aluminium

High-end electronic control

The electronically controlled double miter saw DGL200E is a reliable quality product from our range of high-precision double mitre saws. The network connection between DGL200E and the customers' software for window constructions enables loading and working of data sets.

Optimisation software helps to minimise the waster and, as a result, to reduct the costs. Label printer with separator is placed ergonomically under the operating panel.

Dubbele verstekzaagmachine - Ferastrau cu doua capete - Piły dwugłowicowe - Dubbla geringssågar - Serra de esquadria dupla

Drive 2 x 2,2kW three phase AC motors 400 volts
Swivel range manuel 45° to 90° (to 135° optional), or
electro-pneumatically 45° to 90° (to 135° optional)
Saw blade 500mm
Saw feed pneumatically
(optional hydropneumatically)
Cutting lengths - 3700mm
- 5100mm
- 6100mm
Clamping device 2 horizontal clamping cylinder
2 vertical clamping cylinders (optional)
Length setting: electronically
Air pressure 7 bar
Dimensions - 3700 mm = 5250 x1420 x 1900 mm
- 5100 mm = 6620 x1420 x 1900 mm
- 6100 mm = 7620 x1420 x 1900 mm
Weight - 3.700mm = 1.260kg
- 5.100mm = 1.350kg
- 6.100mm = 1.450kg
Cutting diagram

PCE 6000

PCE 6000
: Positioning and sction cutting control PCE 6000 based on Windows IOT operating syste, for modern window manufacturing on RAPID Double miter saws. 128 GB SSD, 8 GB working memory, 10GB can be used for program and profile data.

R 700



R 700: Control technology with convincing performance characteristics for RAPID Double mitre saws. Integrated memory for up to 2000 data sets, 400 basic profiles and 1000 profile data.