DGS 200 Double Mitre Saw

Our multitalented saw for PVC, wood an aluminium

For precision, no-burr cutting of aluminium, wooden and PVC profiles.

System features:

  • High quality of cutting and low-noise operation
  • Efficient and monitored waste dsposal
  • Stable machine bed
  • Ball bearing linear guides with high durability
  • Hardened shafts
  • Electronically balanced saw blade flange
  • Motor with direct drive
  • Pivoting spindle mounted in bearing on both sides

Digital length display:

  • Digital length display with 30 profile numbers and associated corrections
  • Editing of the 30 profile numbers (name + correction) directly in the display
  • The correction is calculated according to the angular position of the saw (45° and 90°)
  • Piece counter: if the length display changes by more than 1/10 mm, the number of pieces is set to "0"
  • Stop for short parts: conversion of length and profile height according to the angular position

Suitable for:

Window-, doors-, facades-,winter garden-, insect-profile

  • PVC, combination PVC-Aluminium
  • Aluminium
  • Wood, combination Wood-Aluminium

High precision based on the twin-shaft guides

We use precise and efficient motion technology: Ball bushing guides for length adjustment, mechanical suspension of swivel units for a comfortable and safe angle setting between 45 and 90 degrees. The length and angle setting is manually. More comfortable and effective is the handling supported by a digital length display  at each saw head.

Dubbele verstekzaagmachine - Ferastrau cu doua capete - Piły dwugłowicowe - Dubbla geringssågar - Serra de esquadria dupla

Drive 2 x 2,2kw three phase AC motors 400 volts
Swivel range manual 45° to 90°
Saw blade 420mm
Cutting lengths 4.000mm, 5.000mm
Clamping device 2 horizontal clamping cylinders
2 vertical clamping cylinders (optional)
Length setting: manual
Air pressure 7 bar
Dimensions 5200/1200/1500mm
Weight 800kg
Cutting diagram