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GLX 250 Window frame saw

Glazing bead saw for all popular glazing beads PVC, Wood or Aluminium (optional)

Glazing bead saw with extended cutting range.
For cutting of two PVC glazing beads in an angle of 45° at the same time.

Cutting to the principle "three A":

  • Automatic length positioning
  • Automatic saw stroke
  • Automatic positioning of the glass simulation

Product features:

  • Cutting of two glazing beads 80 mm each
  • Saw blade diameter: 2 x Ø 250 mm and 2 x Ø 105 mm
  • Saw stroke: hydro-pneumatically
  • Saw movement from back to front
  • Clamping system "Vario" with glass simulation
  • Quick change of the contour blocks
  • Powerfull swarf extraction unit

GLX 250:

  • With a manual measuring system along with two length
    stops for the length up to 2500 mm
  • Additional stops optional

GLX 250 RLA:


  • Electronic Length Stop RLA
  • Automatic length positioning
  • Automatic saw stroke
  • Automatic positioning of the glass simulation
  • Graphic illustrationof the profiles
  • 15,6“ touch display, 500 GB HDD
  • PC control, Windows 10
  • Netzwork and USB interfaces
  • Easy remove button for very short pieces
  • The saw is controlled by the length stop control
  • Measuring length 3000 mm

Suitable for:

Window frames (PVC)

Used machine: Available

GLX 250 universal clamping system with glass simulation

The Vario universal clamping system with a variable two-stage clamping unit with a steplessly adjustable glass simulation has been specially designed for the cutting of PVC glazing beads in the production of windows and doors. The glazing bead is pulled and clamped at the holding foot. The horizontal clamping plates of the glass simulation straightened up the glazing bead in the position like when glazing bead is "snapped-in". This method ensures a clean look of the window corners.

According to the profile width, the horizontal plates of the glass simulation can be step less adjusted via hand wheel with a position display. The glazing bead saw GLX 250 is equipped with a profile support roller as an anti-tipping device vertical and horizontal.

The profile depending parts are usually universal within a profile system since they are only adapted to the respective holding foot. The shape of the glazing bead does not play any role in the optimal clamping process using the Vario clamping system.

The model type GLX 250 RLA with the elektronic length stop allows advanced Features for the industry 4.0:

  • Automatic length positioning
  • Automatic saw stroke
  • Automatic positioning of the glass Simulation
  • Data transmission via Network or via USB
  • Graphic illustration of the profiles

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  • Technical data
Drive 2 x 0,75kw three phase AC motors
Saw blade (1 x left, 1 x right)
- 2 x 250 mm
- 2 x 105 mm
Cutting angle 45°/45° single or pair cut
Swarf extraction necessary 2200 Watt
Air pressure 6 bar
Suction connector: 100 mm
Dimensions 990/1470/1310mm
Weight 180kg
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