ALUSTAR - Cutting and processing centre

Flexible installation concepts for aluminium manufacturing

With the components sub bench saw Optima ALU, highly flexible Facade and notching Saw and profile machining centre 3-Axis-Module ALU space-saving in a noise protection cabin we realise further production lines for our programm of products in the range of Aluminium profiles machining.


All clamping and support rollers (profile table, back fences, etc.) as well as all pressure pads are hardened, ground and fitted with a special blow-off device to avoid pressure marks on the anodized or coated profiles. Optimisation program including off cut processing and on line length measurement. Tool breakage monitoring after each bar.


In order to offer our RAPID quality, we will follow special requests. We co-operate during and after planning and construction with you.This guarantees a solid, innovative and rational production solution.
Every part has the RAPID quality guarantee, from a solid basic construction, operator friendly controle to complete production lines - we build reliable, powerfull machines.

Positioning accuracy +/- 0,1mm per meter
Angular accuracy +/- 0,025°mm
Profile dimensions - Max. width: 295 mm (depending on the mitre angle)
- Max. height: 135 mm (depending on the mitre angle)
- Z-axis travel length between the jaws: 200 mm
Piece length - Min. inside dimension: 200 mm,
- Max. outside dimension: 7000 mm
(depending on the performance of the out-feed magazine and the safety barriers)
- Min. length for (repeatedly) feeding: 1000 mm
Profile in feed Acceleration of profile in feed: max. 2m/sec²
Return acceleration: max. 9m/sec²
Repeat accuracy: +/- 0,1 mm
Dimensions 20000/4800/2850mm
Weight ca. 10380kg

Highly flexible and universally applicable for cutting and machining of Aluminium profiles. Proven RAPID machine building quality in connection with mordern and sphisticated control technology sets new standards refarding:

  • Performance: Modern CNC control engineering allows fast operational sequences. All operations are automated.
  • User-Friendliness: The intuitive and logical user interface enables a user-friendly operation with this machine. The actual true values and machining operations are shown on the operating screens of the machine. Machining operations are grafically supported (touch screen).

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  • In feed magazine for up to7 profiles
  • Transportaxiswith a gripping plies, turnable 90°
  • PC with Windows XP(embedded)
  • Touchscreen
  • Milling and drilling modulewith up to 16 units
  • Twosawmodules, each withone saw unit
  • Pneumaticlubrication system
  • Integrated out feed axis and out feed magazine
  • Label printer(optional)
  • Extraction(optional)
  • Wasteconveyor beltandlift conveyorbelt (optional)
  • Safety fence(optional)