PK 100 - Precision circular saw

For the cutting of wood, synthetic material and non-ferrous metals

Product features:

  • Cutting precisely to the millimetre and burrfree
  • High cutting quality.
  • Especially suitable for laminates.
  • Quick and easy to work with.
  • Medium design.
  • Teflon-couted cast table free from abrasions which glides easily
  • Length stop (optional) with a millimetre measuring scale which can be adjusted to 45°, an antisplinter block next to this, a spring loaded positioner length up to 2,500 mm.
  • Slide unit (optional) can be extended up to a cutting depth of 1,100 mm (by hand retractable).
  • Cutting height adjustment via hand wheel. Standard HM saw-blade Ø 250 mm can be retracted under the table. Max. cutting height at Ø 300 mm is 100 mm.
  • Saw-blade angle can be quickly adjusted between 45° and 90° using the handle and fixed in position at 45° and 90°.
  • The divided width stop with length adjustable and moveable aluminium profile can be  retracted and is positioned  by means of a measuring scale on a flat guide.
  • Max. cutting width of 350 mm, which can be extended to 600 or 850 mm.
  • Fine adjustment of the width stop is achieved by a double clamping system for setting exactly to the millimetre.
  • Standard evacuation connection piece, table length extension and motor brake.

Suitable for:

  • PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Wood

Precision work with the saw PK 100

This extremely robust, compact and low-maintenance machine ensures a perfect dimensional precision and burr-free

The Teflon-coated iron table with high lubricity facilitates working with plate material. The sliding table with folding
arm is extendable with a few simple steps to a depth of 1100 mm. The length stop with a millimeter scale can be extended
to 2500 mm and tilted up to 45 ° quickly and easily.

The perfect addition to any working process to benefit from the precision, reliability and rational work.

Drive 4 kW three phase AC motor
Saw shaft driving
over narrow V-belt, 5,200 rpm
Table size 600x700mm
Cutting width to the
right of the saw-blade
350mm, 600mm, 850mm
Cutting height 100 mm with 300 mm saw blade
75 mm with 250 mm saw blade
50 mm with 200 mm saw blade
Cutting depth in front
of the table
approx. 300 mm, with slide unit approx. 1100 mm
Extractor connector - on saw blade guard 80mm
- on rear of machine 100mm
Measurements 800/1200/1400mm
Weight 250kg
Cutting diagram
  • Slide unit with swivelling arm and a diagonal adjustable length stop extendable up to 2500mm.
  • Table extension 250 x 700 mm, cutting width 600 mm.
  • Table extension 500 x 700 mm, cutting width 850 mm.
  • Pneumatically lubrication system.
  • Driveable swaft extraction 1,5 kW for PVC and