Optima Evolution - Cutting center

Flexible installation concepts

With this sub bench saw all requirements are fulfilled that are assumed by the automatic PVC machining. This solution is available as stand-alone machine as well as in combination with the profile processing centre MFC Evolution. Through this flexible concept new possibilities arise.

Standard operations:

  • 90° cut at both sides
  • A combined cut with 45° and 90°
  • 45° cut at both sides
  • Intermediate angles (Option)

Optional operations:

  • Bevel cut
  • Arrow cut

System features:

  • In feed magazine for 10 PVC profiles
  • Cutting bottom-up unit with an adjustable saw blade angle 45°/90°/135°
  • Intermediate angles
  • Off transport via VA-table or belt system
  • Label printer
  • Waste conveyor belt
  • CNC-Control with windows user interface
  • Extraction
  • In feed for a maximum profile length of 6500 mm
  • Safety fence including doors and emergency stop connection

Suitable for:

  • PVC

Most accurate PVC-U cutting and processing

In order to offer our RAPID quality, we will follow special requests. We co-operate during and after planning and
construction with you.This guarantees a solid, innovative and rational production solution.


Modern CNC control engineering allows fast operational sequences. Feeding assemblies, flexible transport axes, buffer runs and cross belts permit an adaption to various space requirements.

Snij- en bewerkingscentra - Centre debitare si prelucrare PVC - Centra obróbcze oraz tnące - Skär- och bearbetningscentra - Centros de corte y mecanizado

Drive 2,2 KW with a mechanical brake
Profile dimensions Maximum width 125 mm
Maximum height 130 mm
All common door and window-profiles can be processed
Piece length Minimum inside dimension: 200 mm
Maximum outside dimension, regarding to the safety fences
dimension: 3500 mm
Saw blade 500mm
Schnittdiagramm (Kopie)

Milling station MS-Module - 4 milling units 0,27 kW

Frässtation mit 4 Fräser

Die The Milling Station MS-Modulecan be installed on the cutting centre Optima Evolution. The machining operations take place in the hole profile bar before cutting. This discharges the machining centre MFC Evolution which follows after reinforcing. The optimisation of the machining operations increases the capacity of the production line Ultratech of approx. 30%.