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Digital length display that thinks for you

Users of the manual double miter saws DGS200 and DGL200M can benefit from the feather-light length and angle adjustment, supported by the digital length display. Even more ease of use and increased performance can be achieved with the help of our brand new digital length display...

New video Optima Evolution MS - sawing and processing center for plastic profiles

A new video about the Optima Evolution MS has been published on our YouTube channel.

Milling and sawing of PVC profiles are combined in a compact production system. Stop by and let us convince you of the effective concept for window production! Link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUpAAZTmJqs&t=9s

The RAPID Optima Evolution cutting center can optionally be equipped with an MS module, a milling station for drainage, ventilation and similar processing in PVC window profiles. All processing is carried out throughout the entire bar before cutting...

Gasket clamping prevents tearing out when sawing

In order to optimally protect soft rubber seals on window profiles from tearing out when sawing, every RAPID double mitre saw can be equipped with a very effective gasket clamping system. The stop seal is pressed directly onto the plastic profile at the saw gap. This creates a clean cut and the gasket no longer needs to be recut or reworked.

There is also an optimal solution for the center seal. The pressure pieces are designed depending on the profile so that the stop seal and center seal can be clamped at the same time.

Perfect length and angle accuracy of our double miter saws, coupled with the highest cutting quality and comfortable operation, offer window makers and metal workers the optimal production solution.