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  • The first cut is always exciting

    24.06.2016 11:37

    The Cutting Centre Optima Evolution is finished, profiles and processing operations programmed, the sample profiles arrived. It's time: put first profile bar on the magazine and press start...

    With the highest capacity 240 PVC windows per shift the Optima Evolution can keep occupied two multifunctional processing centres MFC Evolution with screwing function.

    Plenty of technical innovations enable and guarantee top quality and high precision: ....

    To see more pictures of the Optima Evolution, see the photo album on our Facebook page:

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  • Big day of loading: Optima VIA is already expected in Ireland

    25.05.2016 17:50

    The weather held up: started at dawn, we loaded the last of the three trucks at the most beautiful summer weather and sent it on the long journey to Ireland.

    This is the fifth production line of the new generation Optima VIA series that leaves our factory in Grosselfingen within one year:

    Overall length 22 m, with the transfer station for buffering 5 PVC profiles, processing of the bar, followed by cutting with the high-speed saw Optima VI with three blades as well as the additional A-saw for arrow heads and V-notch cut

    To see more pictures of the Optima VIA loading, see the photo album on our Facebook page:

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  • Double Mitre Saw RAPID DGL250 stays our customer's favourite

    19.04.2016 08:28

    As usual after the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE our Double Mitre Saw serials production is particularly busy. Thanks to all our customers who placed an order during and shortly after the Show in Nuremberg.

    It was no surprise that our proven Double Miter Saw DGL250 scored most of the orders. The DGL250 stays our customer's favourite.

    Producers of aluminum and wooden windows are interested mainly for the Double Miter Saw DGL260 and for the smaller model DGL220. Both machines are designed for special angles between 20 ° and 135 °, with a lot of know-how and technical innovations for the highest precision and reliability.

    And of course we are pleased about many interesting and challenging projects with our automatic cutting and machining centers RAPID Ultratech and Optima VIA in Germany and other European countries.

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