New video Optima Evolution MS - sawing and processing center for plastic profiles

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Cutting and processing centre for PVC profiles
Link to the video on our YouTube channel:

A new video about the Optima Evolution MS has been published on our YouTube channel.

Milling and sawing of PVC profiles are combined in a compact production system. Stop by and let us convince you of the effective concept for window production! Link to the video:

The RAPID Optima Evolution cutting center can optionally be equipped with an MS module, a milling station for drainage, ventilation and similar processing in PVC window profiles. All processing is carried out throughout the entire bar before cutting.

Feed magazine is designed for 10 profiles, material feed for a maximum profile length of 6500 mm. Integrated measuring systems automatically check the profile length and width, then the bar is transported to the processing position. The MS module is equipped with 4 milling units. The alignment of the units is adjusted to the desired processing in consultation with the customer. After processing, the profile is transported to the under-table saw, where 45°-90°-135° cuts are made. Intermediate angles are also optionally possible. Cut parts can then be labeled on the take-off table or belt conveyor. The powerful suction system and a conveyor belt system consisting of a horizontal waste conveyor belt and an ascending conveyor ensure good and controlled waste disposal.

After the steel has been inserted, the remaining processing can be carried out in the RAPID MFC Evolution machining center. The integrated or upstream automatic screwdriver screws the reinforcement profiles to the plastic profile (see a separate video on our channel: ).

All steel and PVC processing is then carried out in the ring module using wireless 360° technology. The slewing ring principle enables the angle-independent positioning of up to 8 drilling and milling tools. Through the processing optimization between the MS module of the Optima Evolution and the MFC Evolution machining center, the capacity of the entire production line can increase by approximately 30%.

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