Digital length display that thinks for you

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Cutting machines for PVC Aluminum and Wood profiles

Users of the manual double miter saws DGS200 and DGL200M can benefit from the feather-light length and angle adjustment, supported by the digital length display. Even more ease of use and increased performance can be achieved with the help of our brand new digital length display.

The small controller thinks independently. If the saw angle is swiveled to 45°, the displayed length is automatically calculated and the 45° angle display lights up green. Separately for the left and right saw units.

This also applies to the stop for short parts: automatic conversion of the length and profile height according to the angular position.

Piece counter: if the length display changes by more than 1/10 mm, the actual number of pieces is set to "0".

30 profile numbers and associated corrections can be stored in the control (profile name + correction) and edited directly in the display at any time.

Application examples of our manual high-precision double miter saws:
A wide range of ALU or PVC profile systems can be processed with saw blades diameters 420 (DGS200) or 500 (DGL200M). Simple operation, maximum precision and reliability make the hand operated double mitre saws particularly attractive for fly screen construction in small series. The DGS200 double miter saw is also popular as an entry-level model for window construction. In the wood sector, the saw is used in furniture construction and interior furnishings for cutting a wide variety of strips.

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