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GLI Window frame saw

Window frame saw for aluminium glazing beads

Die The GLI Glazing bead saw was designed for the cutting of aluminium glazing beads, as they are used in the construction of windows and doors. Two 90° cuts can take place at the same time. The saw feed is continuosly adjustable, while the saw return movement is in quick motion. Because of the universally designed base and profile guide a lage profile spectrum can be worked.

Product features:

  • Pneumatic saw feed, continuously adjustable.
  • Two-hand operating for safety during clamping and sawing process.
  • Maintenance unit with pressure reducer, pressure gauge and manual dewatering. Cleaning pistol.
  • Motor protection switch with Emergency Stop.

Suitable for:

  • Aluminium

Used machine: Available

  • Technical Data
  • Options
Drive 0,45kW three phase AC motors
Saw feed pneumatically, continuously adjustable,
return movement in quick motion
Air pressure 6 bar
Saw blades 250mm, Z=80
Cutting angle 90°
Swarf extraction necessary 1100 Watt
Dimensions 520 x 850 x 1400mm
Weight 120kg


The window frame saw GLI may only be operated with a swarf extraction. For an additional charge we can deliver you a suitable RAPID unit for suctioning of swarfs and sections.


  • Profile support or roller table at the infeed-side, right or left.
  • Manual, digital or electronic length stop systems.
  • Safety and connection package for electronic length stop systems.
  • Pneumatically lubrication system
  • Hydropneumatically saw infeed.
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