Universal clamping system for Deceuninck Elegant

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New for the RAPID GLI glazing bead saw

With the introduction of fiberglass technology "ThermoFibra" and elegant plastic windows from Deceuninck with glazing beads in a 90° look, a new area of ​​application for the high-precision glazing bead saw RAPID GLI was opened up.

The GLI is traditionally used in the production of aluminum windows. The precision saw from RAPID meets the high requirements in terms of length and angle accuracy and is perfect for the cubic, angular Elegant glazing bead system.

For the new application, RAPID engineers have developed a clamping system without changing the contour blocks. All glazing beads of the new generation of designer windows from Deceuninck, regardless of their shape and width, can be cut in pairs to 90° without retooling.

Two measuring systems are available:

- manual measuring system with a measuring stick for 4 different lengths

- electronic length stop combined with a radio measuring stick

More information about the GLI glass bead saw, pictures and video: https://www.rapid-maschinenbau.de/GLI_en.html

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