Sawing composite materials made of wood, plastic and aluminum

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There are some challenges to be solved when sawing composite materials made of wood, plastic and aluminum. Not only the reliable precision of length and angle positioning is required here. For the perfect cut on profiles that are made of different materials, extraordinary stability of the saw guide is required. The DGL260 double miter saw with a saw blade diameter of 600 mm can ensure the required stability even with very large construction depths.

This is achieved thanks to the proven precision technology of RAPID saws:

- The maximum drive power is achieved with the direct drive
- Linear guide mounted on both sides with hydropneumatic saw feed ensures the necessary smoothness and uniformity of the cut
- Electronically balanced saw blade flange increases angle precision, which is particularly important for large cross sections
- Extremely solid machine construction, rigid linear guides, high-precision movement technology - all machine components are selected to ensure batch consistency over the long term

This means that a very wide range of composite materials can be processed excellently on the RAPID DGL260 double miter saw. Like wood+PVC or wood+ALU, or as in our example shown above, all three materials combined.

You can see a video about cutting composite profiles on our YouTube channel, just follow the link:

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