RAPID goes to Australia: complete Aluminium window production

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The new Aluminium window and door production with RAPID machines will start in April 2017 in Melbourne. The high-precision double mitre saw DGL200E, the mitre joint assembling machine HP207 as well as other machines, length stops and exhausters have been mount, tested, packed and prepaied for the long ocean freight to Australia.

The centerpiece of the Aluminium window production will be as usual the RAPID double mitre saw DGL200E equipped with a modern intuitive electronic control. The cutting length is up to 6000 mm in standard. With the software for overlength also the cutting length over 7000 mm will be possible what allows the production of the big facade pieces.

In order to assure the best quality of the future products, Aluminium windows and doors, our expert engineer will put the equipment into operation as well as conduct a training in the new customer factory in Melbourne.

To see the new photo album on our Facebook page: facebook.com/RAPID-Maschinenbau-GmbH

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