Cutting of PVC glazing beads without changing of contour blocks? It’s really possible!

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The Vario universal clamping system with a variable two-stage clamping unit with a step less adjustable glass simulation has been specially designed for the cutting of PVC glazing beads in the production of windows and doors. The glazing bead is pulled and clamped at the holding foot. The horizontal clamping plates of the glass simulation straightened up the glazing bead in the position like when glazing bead is "snapped-in". This method ensures a clean look of the window corners.

According to the profile width, the horizontal plates of the glass simulation can be step less adjusted via hand wheel with a position display. The glazing bead saw GLX Vario is equipped with a profile support roller as an anti-tipping device vertical and horizontal.

The profile depending parts are usually universal within a profile system since they are only adapted to the respective holding foot. The shape of the glazing bead does not play any role in the optimal clamping process using the Vario clamping system.


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