High Speed: Live demonstration of Optima VI Compact

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This week the HIGH-PERFORMANCE SAWING CENTER OPTIMA VI KOMPAKT can be seen in our factory in Grossselfingen. In combination with a 6-axis machining module with up to 16 milling units and automatic counter milling, very short cycle times are possible thanks to the accelerated cutting.

Thanks to the highly efficient process with cutting and cutting in one sawing process, very high capacity can be achieved when cutting plastic profiles for window construction on the RAPID Optima VI sawing center.

See for yourself the enormous speed and exact dimensional accuracy when cutting the profile bars and let our technical and sales team provide you with expert information about the equipment variants.

The demonstration sawing center is equipped with an innovative 4-point clamping system with two-part horizontal clamps. These are automatically adapted to different profile shapes, ensuring absolute angular and length accuracy even with problematic profiles.

As usual, for RAPID it is not only the dimensional accuracy and speed that are crucial, but also the very stable construction according to the standards of “old” mechanical engineering, so that years of reliable operation are guaranteed.

In addition to the Optima VI, other new products can also be viewed in our large exhibition at the Grossselfingen factory. For example, our new GLX-250 glazing bead saw with glass simulation combined with the new TYPE RLA length stop with single touch function based on WINDOWS 10 or the 3-axis controlled double miter saw DGL220 with the most modern 12.1 inch multi-touch operating terminal.


Please let us know how many people we can expect to see you at this extraordinary product demonstration so that we can plan accordingly.

Please provide feedback by email to vertrieb@rapid-maschinenbau.de or by calling +49 (0) 7476 / 914 58 20.

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