All-rounder with high performance - Optima VIK

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Three production steps are combined in this profile processing center with maximum performance:

  • Cutting
  • Processing
  • Counterprofiling

All machining is done on the entire bar before cutting. The profile is then transported to the saw module. In the inline version, up to 5 rods are buffered on a transverse sliding table, so the modules work in parallel and develop their maximum capacity. Automatic counter milling module for counter profiling of transom profiles completes the machining process.

The traditionally solid construction coupled with robust movement technology of the RAPID profile machining centers guarantees very high process reliability and reliable quantities in the long term. All automatic processes are carried out in a controlled and safe manner, with a minimum of personnel.

The Optima VIK cutting and processing centre is a special all-rounder among window construction machines from RAPID Maschinenbau GmbH.

All technical data, pictures and videos can be found here:

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