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Current used machines: ALWAYS WELL INFORMED

19.01.2021 07:29
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used machine

Sometimes it has to be fast. If a machine fails while production is in progress and a replacement is urgently sought, you can rarely wait weeks for a new machine. It has to be done quickly. But if you are investing in a replacement machine, then it should be state-of-the-art. Most of the used machines available at short notice are rather out of date.

A solution to this dilemma is offered by exhibition machines that are offered at special conditions after a few months, usually after a year, in the showroom. We have a constantly changing range of demonstration machines and used machines that are available at short notice.

To give you an overview of the available models, we have set up an overview and individual data sheets as product pages on our website.

We often have used machines on offer. These are offered either in their original condition or partially / fully refurbished, depending on the area of ​​application and budget.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific machine.

Click here for our demonstration machine overview:

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