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GMS Glazing bead saw

Accurate and fast sawing through patentedmeasuring profiling technology.

Product features:

  • Cutting angle 90° or 90° and 45°
  • Extremely short blank cutting times with total length accuracy.
  • Wrong reading or excess errors are impossible.
  • Air cushioned measuring carriage (patented system) for faster sensing of sash dimensions and therefore length setting for the glazing strip.

RAPID measuring profiling technology:

The first cam sensor moves to the 0-position. The second cam sensor is positioned at the glass groove of the window casement and with it the permanently attached measuring carriage is positioned. This provides an exact dimension and allows for the cut to be made. During positioning the measuring carriage glides on an air cushion wich builds up automatically when the slide lever is being touched. This gliding positioning device ensures accurate dimensional transfer. In the measuring position it is vented and the measuring carriage clamped.

Trough pressing a key the tracking control is triggered:

clamping - saw cut right mitre - return - saw blade swivel - saw cut left mitre - return - release. The glass bar is sawn to length.

Suitable for:

  • PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Holz

Used machine: Available

Glaslijstenzaagmachine - Ferastraul pentru debitat baghete - Piły do cięcia listew przyszybowych - Såg glaspärlor - Junquilleras

  • Technical Data
  • Options
Drive 0,45kw three phase AC motor
Saw blade 250mm, Z =80
Cutting angle 90° oder 90° und 45°
Saw feed pneumatic, adjustable
Air pressure 7 bar, 200l/min
Processing automatically after confirming the
start key
Bearing surface 2600 x 1400 mm
Space requirement 3100 x 900 x 1150 mm
Weight 300 kg
  • Swarf extraction with pre-separator.
  • Profile support or roller table at the infeed-side.
  • Transom sensor device.
  • Pneumatically lubrication system, double stop (for aluminium).
  • Selector switch for angular adjustment:
    - pneumatically change over to 90°
    - with 2 stops for additional angles ± 8° or ± 15°.
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